Last Updated:
February 28, 2023


AIST will not be liable for misconduct or inappropriate behavior on any tour that results in penalties or fines in other countries. Any penalties or fines that may be implemented will be paid by the member who was charged. Participants will be bound to the laws of the country of which they are traveling. AIST will not be held responsible for activities engaged by participants.

NOT included in the AIST programs (subject to change depending on specific tour):

  • Connecting Airline Ticket to Gateway City (if needed)
  • Passport and Visa Fees (if needed)
  • Vaccinations or other entry requirements
  • Personal Items
  • Some Meals (depending on the tour package - purchased)
  • Airline Fuel Surcharges - This charge could be added about 1 month prior to departure depending on gas prices and the airline
  • Laundry
  • Individual Medical Insurance (Primary)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips for bus drivers and escorts (In total, you should plan to tip $5 per day – this will be split between drivers and guides on most tours)
  • Everything not listed in the inclusions section on your program
  • Additional Baggage fees if required (1 checked bag up to 50 lbs and 1 carry-on is usually included for international flights for free)

Note Regarding Fundraising:

Each Team member is responsible for checking the guidelines for raising funds as they pertain to their eligibility with their respective athletic associations. All personal funds raised above and beyond the said trip cost will be refunded in September of the year traveled. All non-personal funds raised above and beyond the said trip cost become the property of AIST and will be used to upgrade the overall trip in some aspect when available. All fundraising eligibility is the responsibility of the participant and should be verified through the appropriate channels to avoid any NCAA violations.

Refunds on Overpayments:

In some cases, participants may find that their fundraising efforts have exceeded their expectations. In the event you have raised more money than your portion of the tour, you will be entitled to some refund. Because of guidelines set forth by governing bodies we are not allowed to refund money to players with remaining eligibility. However, if you have paid in personal money (which includes your money as well as your immediate family investments) we can reimburse you for your investment. For example, if you or your parents have paid the deposit of $300 out of pocket you would be entitled to a refund of up to $300 over the amount of the cost of the said trip. If the trip cost is $1000 and you raise $1300, you would be eligible to receive a refund for your initial deposit of $300. If you raise $1325, the additional $25 would become the property of AIST and be used to upgrade the tour in some aspect. Refunds will be disbursed in September.

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