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Chad Wilkinson


Gary Haarmann

Vice President

Jennifer Hess

Vice President

Brent Pourciau

Director of Baseball Operations

Karen Shaddock

Director of Lacrosse Operations

Aleah Hayes

AIST Tour Manager and Volleyball Coach

Jeff Curtis

Director of Women's Basketball Operations

Elle Fracker

Coach / AIST Tour Manager

Willis Griffiths

AIST Tour Manager / Softball Coach

Gary Yohe

AIST Recruiting Coordinator / Tour Manager

Megan Armes

AIST Recruiting Coordinator / Tour Manager

AIST Team Tours

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We serve both the private and public school sector in search of long-term partnerships with reputable institutions such as these.

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Who takes care of all the arrangements while traveling?
Does anyone travel with the group?
How do I obtain more information about a tour?
What is not included?
What is included in the tour package?
How do I get a passport?
What level of competition will we be playing?
Where do all of the players come from?
What if I can't pay for the trip on my own?
How was I selected for the AIST team?

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