We understand the financial hurdle can be a big factor in your decision to travel with AIST. We have provided some information and ideas below to help you make the opportunity possible. It is your responsibility to confirm that your fundraising efforts are legal and compliant with NCAA rules. AIST is NOT a non-profit organization, but we can offer an advertisement page for large donations to provide a link on our website if it will help your donors.

How you choose to fundraise for the opportunity is up to you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Host a Golf tournament
  • Bake Sale
  • Run a camp for kids
  • Use our fundraising letter to ask for donations (email us to receive a copy)
  • Use the WeTravel Contribution page - You will be able to set this up after your registration is complete
  • Try one of the many online options such as GoFund Me or InstaRaise

AIST has recently partnered with Kokua Partners. Reach out to Aaron Fuller to discuss how you can set up the options below. Mention that you are planning to travel with AIST so they can set up the correct services for you to have a successful fundraising experience.

Aaron Fuller Managing Partner
The Kokua Project
Email: aaron@motoa.org
Phone: 661-212-5462

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